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Impulsabend: A systemic approach to social innovation

Learn more about the requirements for systemic change and get to know the collaboratio helvetica approach to foster social innovation

The corona crisis, one of many current crises, is not only showing us how connected and vulnerable we are as a society. It also mercilessly demonstrates the strengths and weaknesses in our system and calls us to examine it more closely, and then act from a deeper understanding. Many of the systems and processes we have created are causing or exacerbating the ongoing crises. This has made the use of more holistic approaches all the more necessary. Instead of simply fighting the visible symptoms, we are called to dedicate time and resources to identify and tackle the root causes.

During the presentation, you will learn how to systemic change methods can be applied, how stakeholders can be engaged, brought together, and worked with around societal challenges, and how to launch their own Social Innovation Lab or other systemic change initiatives.

#change #crisis 

Cover image: Severin von Hünerbein

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This event takes place as a BigBlueButton video conference (BBB). To participate in a BigBlueButton conference, all you need is a browser, no software installation is required. For more information on how to participate in a BigBlueButton conference and for technical support, please visit our help page.


19. May 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Sustainable SYSTEM


Collaboratio Helvetica
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