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Media library

Here you can find recordings and materials in English provided by speakers of some NWB 2020 and NWB 2021 events. You can find more content on the German page “Mediathek“.

Please note that not all talks have been recorded. If you have any questions or concerns about the content provided, please feel free to contact us!

Privacy notice:
When you click on a preview image of a recording, a connection to YouTube is established. This transfers personal data (including IP address) to Google. If you want to avoid this, we recommend using an alternative front-end for YouTube such as FreeTube (or Invidious) for the desktop, the browser extension Privacy Redirect for easy use and the app NewPipe for Android.

NWB 2021

Ecosia - The search engine that plants trees | NWB

The Transition Movement – How can we reimagine our economy?
Frank Braun (Transition Network Germany)

NWB 2020

Peacing a sustainable world together
The Art of Living Foundation

Sustainability and Food Sovereignty (Andras Gyürefi) | NWB

Sustainability and Food Sovereignty
Andras Gyürefi

DIY Vertical Garden Workshop with Inselgrün (Benoit Leleu) | NWB
Sustainable practices for students and ‘green’ technologies (WASTE Program) | NWB