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Demands paper

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The following demands were written by a working group within the organization team of the Sustainability Weeks @ Universities BaWü 2021.

This is an interdisciplinary group of students from different universities and types of higher education institutions (e.g. Hochschularten) who, over a period of about three months, collaboratively contributed their sustainability-related expertise and their experience in higher education policy as well as the results of their research to this work, thus rounding off the format of the Sustainability Weeks.

With this demand paper, we want to stimulate change and demonstrate through concrete proposals and examples how sustainable structures can be implemented at universities. Some universities are already taking a pioneering role and implementing parts of the measures we have called for. For us, however, one thing is certain: Structures that do justice to global, sustainable development, as well as the ethical discourses about them, must become a matter of course at all universities.

This demand paper is partly based on the demand catalog “Climate and Environment” (Forderungskatalog “Klima und Umwelt”) of the student representation of Baden-Württemberg (Landesstudierendenvertretung). With this document, however, we go one step further and demand necessary measures for a sustainable and socially responsible everyday life at universities in the areas of governance, operation, teaching, research and transfer.

Here you can download the demand paper as a PDF (currently only in German) to read and search it at your leisure. Feel free to share the document and bring it to your committees.

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Our demand paper should be widely distributed in order to have an impact on all addressees. Here you have the possibility to support the paper. You can register here either as a private person or as a group, an initiative, a student representation, an association, etc., if, for example, the support of the NWB demands paper has been decided in your committees.