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Sustainability at universities in BaWü

From May 11 – 26, 2020, cross-university Sustainability Weeks were held for the first time in Baden-Württemberg. In around 50 digital events we were able to reflect and discuss the different perspectives of sustainability together and learn from each other while having a lot of fun. Despite all the challenges, we see the corona crisis as an opportunity to advance the topic of sustainability and to network across the state of Baden-Württemberg.
Many thanks to everyone who took part! 🤗

In the media library you can also find YouTube videos and the slides of some events. It’s worth taking a look at 😉

What happens next?
First of all: We will continue to provide content to our channels on Instagram and Facebook!

Our goal is to push forward sustainable thinking and acting at the universities in Baden-Württemberg, to make existing engagement visible and to motivate students to become active themselves.

Input wanted
Please let us know if something is happening at your university in the field of sustainability, if interesting events are scheduled or if you have a topic that could be interesting for other universities. If so, we will be happy to publish it on our channels.
We would appreciate it if you could provide texts and/or pictures. To make this as easy as possible, we have set up a telegram group for this purpose so that you can reach everyone in our social media team directly.

Sustainability Weeks 2021?
Of course we would like to organize joint sustainability weeks next year again. To make it even better next time, please take part in our survey and give us some feedback.

Here you can learn more about us and the student initiatives involved.