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Sustainability Weeks @ Universities BaWü 2021 [NWB 2021]

The next Sustainability Weeks @ Universities BaWü will take place from May 10 – 23, 2021.
There will be a Baden-Wuerttemberg-wide digital programme as well as local events taking place at the participating universities, if possible. We are really looking forward to it! 😀

Organization of the Sustainability Weeks 2021
You want to participate in the organization of the next Sustainability Weeks?
That’s great! You can find more information on the page NWB 2021. We are looking forward to meet you!

About us
Here you can learn more about us and the student initiatives involved.

Review Sustainability Weeks 2020
The last Sustainability Weeks took place for the first time across universities in Baden-Wuerttemberg from May 11 – 26, 2020. In around 50 digital events, we were able to reflect on and discuss the different perspectives of sustainability together, as well as learn from each other and have a lot of fun in the process.

In the media library you can find the recordings of the YouTube livestreams as well as the slides of some events. It’s worth taking a look!

Our goal is to push forward sustainable thinking and acting at the universities in Baden-Württemberg, to make existing engagement visible and to motivate students to become active themselves.