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Food for Future – What are food councils and how can they support a just future?

Our current food system has an enormous socio-ecological footprint; it contributes to up to 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions and reinforces social inequalities all along the value chain. How can we organize the current food system in a more just and sustainable way? What are Food Policy Councils and what are their answers towards the global challenges in the food system? What are your visions – ‚Food-opias‘ – for possible ‘Food Futures’? Based on interactive and participatory methods, this workshop invites the participants to reflect upon the climate and social impact of our food system and to exchange about transformation strategies on different scale (from individual, towards local and global). A special focus lies on the example of Food Policy Councils (e.g. FPC Tübingen-Rottenburg) as proposals for strengthening food networks between city and countryside in order to democratize urban food policy.


24. Mai 2022


14:00 - 17:00


Anmeldung erforderlich,
Sustainable SYSTEM


HS G-B03
Arbeitskreis Nachhaltigkeit Hohenheim


Arbeitskreis Nachhaltigkeit Hohenheim
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