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Impulsabend: Imagine a world in circular economy

Collaboratio helvetica believes in Switzerland’s unique potential to leverage participatory approaches and collaboration to contribute to a change towards more ecological responsibility, humanity and the common good. The organisation catalyses the societal transformation of Switzerland by cultivating a cross-sectoral innovation ecosystem, building capacity for systemic change and convening stakeholders around the complex challenges addressed in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). One of their offerings is the Catalyst Lab, an incubation program for people working on systemic change in various topics. The Catalyst Lab gives tools, support and visibility to those catalysts.

During this event you will be meeting two Catalysts, Boryana and Julia, working on Future of Waste, a project that explores ways to connect stakeholders from a local ecosystem responsible for waste creation. The intention behind this connection is to imagine a better future for the waste in that region and to build long lasting relationships and collaborations. Boryana and Julia are inviting you to imagine what your universities would look like if tomorrow Germany added a substantial tax on creating and disposing waste at consumer, company, store, and institution level. Together we will write a story of what this future would look like.

“Problems can never be solved by the way of thinking that first created them.”
Albert Einstein

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This event takes place as a BigBlueButton video conference (BBB). To participate in a BigBlueButton conference, all you need is a browser, no software installation is required. For more information on how to participate in a BigBlueButton conference and for technical support, please visit our help page.


21. May 2021


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Sustainable SYSTEM


Collaboratio Helvetica

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Arbeitskreis Nachhaltigkeit Hohenheim
Arbeitskreis Nachhaltigkeit Hohenheim
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