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NWB 2022

How and when the Sustainability Weeks @ Universities 2022 will take place is still unclear. However, you can already express your interest here that you would like to participate in the organization of the next Sustainability Weeks.

Hier kannst Du gerne noch Anmerkungen hinterlassen, z.B. in welchem Bereich Du Dich gerne einbringen möchtest oder wofür Du Dich interessierst
Profile picture generator

You want to draw the attention of your friends and fellow students to the Sustainability Weeks? Simply create a suitable profile picture with our profile picture generator!

Call for participation

To submit a program item, you can use the following forms. You can find more information on the pages of the form.

You want to get involved in the organization?

Great! We have prepared an “Onboarding” page in our public wiki where you can find some helpful information on how to get started. Each workgroup has its own Telegram group. Feel free to join the groups you are interested in directly!