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NWB 2022

The planning of the Sustainability Weeks @ Universities BaWü 2022 has started on 20.01.2022 with a kick-off. This year we would like to put emphasis on the organization of many local sustainability weeks in Baden-Württemberg. These can be connected by big events, actions, topics, demands or something completely different in order to remain visible as a joint BaWü project and to have a state-wide impact.

📅 Time period
The core period of the NWB 2022 covers the period from May 23 – June 05, 2022, but local initiatives are welcome to organize events in the days before and after as well.

Next meeting:
📅 27.01.2022 (Do) at 18:30
💬 Meeting-Link: (BigBlueButton-Meeting)

🚩 Why should there also be local sustainability weeks at your university?
With your local sustainability weeks, you can network the sustainability scene at your university, make it accessible to more people and work with local partners. For several days, you can bring sustainability to life at your university and bring more attention to your issues. No matter if you want to do a few or many events, you can implement your ideas.

Let’s get started with the planning! 💪🏾

💬 Organization and further infos
For networking and communicating important info, there is a Telegram group that you are welcome to join.
You can also reach us via the following contact form.

Hier kannst Du gerne noch Anmerkungen hinterlassen, z.B. in welchem Bereich Du Dich gerne einbringen möchtest oder wofür Du Dich interessierst
Profile picture generator

You want to draw the attention of your friends and fellow students to the Sustainability Weeks? Simply create a suitable profile picture with our profile picture generator!

Call for participation

To submit a program item, you can use the following forms. You can find more information on the pages of the form.

You want to get involved in the organization?

Great! We have prepared an “Onboarding” page in our public wiki where you can find some helpful information on how to get started. Each workgroup has its own Telegram group. Feel free to join the groups you are interested in directly!